Estate Planning Pop Up Clinics Are Coming To Our West Side Office!

Does your estate plan need a tune up?

Your legacy is a key area of your financial life. Proper planning is needed to ensure the tax-efficient transfer of your wealth and that your assets are protected as they are distributed to your beneficiaries.

Attorney Matt Danner, a trusted friend of the Oakmont team, will be hosting Estate Planning Pop Up Clinics at our west side office on Friday, April 26th and Saturday, May 18th.

What is a pop up clinic?

Matt’s pop up clinic is designed to be a quick and efficient way of getting the estate planning conversation started.

He takes the A-Z estate planning approach and pairs it down to the most critical first steps. This approach is less time consuming, saves money, and empowers you with a firm foundation for your financial future.

Who is this for?

These sessions are meant for young individuals and families who are just getting started, as well as those who want to be involved in a more hands-on approach to estate planning.

If you have adult children who need to create a will, this is the perfect opportunity to help them get started. Please invite them!

What will you receive?

You can reserve a 30-minute session with Matt at either of his clinics.

Prior to the session, you’ll watch a brief video explaining the estate planning process. You’ll also complete a questionnaire about your financial situation and goals.

During the session, Matt will present your personalized estate plan based on the information from your questionnaire. He will walk you through the plan to ensure understanding.

After your session, Matt will work to draw up necessary documents for your estate plan. In a few weeks, he’ll invite you back in for one additional session to collect signatures. After that, you’re done!

Far too many people settle for an OK estate plan. In some cases, this can be similar to having NO estate plan at all!

The goal of Matt’s pop up session is to take your estate plan from OK to GOOD, BETTER, or BEST.

How do I sign up?

Email Matt at, call his office at (505) 237-0064.

Where can I learn more?

Matt has been discussing his Estate Planning Pop Up Clinics on the Retirement Solutions Show for the past few weeks. Click on the links below to listen to his segments and learn more.

You can also email him at with your questions.

If you know of a friend, colleague, or neighbor who could benefit from one of these session, please send them this information!

We hope to see you there!

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